Truck Stop Shower Room

     It was around midnight on a Sunday and I was driving back from seeing my family.  After visiting my family for a long weekend, I was horny as hell and I thought my dick was going to explode from not jacking off. 

      At about 12:30, I had to piss and stopped at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.  The place was dead except for the trucks that were parked in the back lot getting their rest for the night.

     I couldn’t keep my mind from wondering what the truckers were doing in the cab of their trucks.  I imagined that there might be truckers lying there stroking their big cocks, some fucking their wives or lounge lizard, or maybe there might be one getting a blow job from another man.  Thinking about it made my dick start to get hard, which made me have to piss even more. 

      As I hurried to the truck stop bathrooms, I jumped as I saw a man through a cracked door taking a shower.  The man was about 6’ 3” with a massive chest that was coated with a blanket of hair that continued down his stomach to a hanging 7 inch soft cock.  I looked at the man’s face, and saw a full beard, mustache, and blue eyes that were looking straight at me.  Startled, I quickly changed my direction and headed for the bathroom.

      In the bathroom I started thinking that this guy had saw me and possibly might have realized what I was doing.  The man was huge, and I knew that I would not have a chance against him if he wanted trouble. Then I thought to myself that maybe he left the door open for a reason.  Well that may be true, but by the look of him he was expecting a lot lizard to come along, not a man wanting to suck his cock.  I finished pissing and hurriedly walked down the hall.   

     As I passed the door again, I saw that the door was open farther than it was the first time.  Not knowing if I should, I looked inside the shower room and the naked man was standing at the door right in front of me.

      “Hey….., Come here a sec…,”  the hairy man still dripping with water said.  I stopped in the hall and stared up at him.  I hesitantly said,  “Yeah.”

      The man slowly opened the door and asked,  “Do you like what you see?”  I could smell beer on his breath and this scared and excited me.  

His entire body was covered with thick black hair.  The hairs covering his huge barrel chest were still wet and I could see water running down from his chest to the hairs that covered his stomach. 

      His arms must have been 19” around and looked hard as a rock.  He had a thick black beard and mustache that matched the black hair that covered the rest of his body.

      When my eyes got to his dick, I noticed that it was bigger than it was earlier when he was in the shower.   His cock was semi-hard and I could tell he was uncut.  His foreskin had began to pull half-way over the head, and his balls were hanging down even further than his huge cock.  I’m sure they could produce a large load.

     All I could do was stand there.  He looked around to see if anyone else was there.  No one was in sight and I could feel my dick start to stir.

      “Well I…, uh…, had a buddy once tell me that…, uh…, sometimes at a truck stop you could get a great blow job.  I’ve had a few beers in my truck and am horny as hell.  I thought you were staring...,”  the Trucker said nervously.  “Sorry man, I’m sorry if….., ”  he started to apologize , but stopped when I walked into the room.

      I thought to myself that this guy was just toying with me, and he was going to kick my ass, but I was so horny I couldn’t help it.  I grabbed his dick to see what his reaction would be, not knowing what to expect.  He let out a low moan and slowly closed his eyes.  I shut the door behind me......

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