Trucker Home Cumming 



          Tim couldn’t wait for Jack to come home.  He’d been away for a long month in his truck and he was due home within a couple of hours.  The last time Jack had been back he’d stayed for a few nights, and their sex had been more passionate and intense than ever before.  Actually they had sex at least once, sometimes twice, every day and three times on Jack’s last day before going back on the road.

          Today, Tim had been shopping with Jack in mind and the new presents were waiting patiently on the recently made bed.  The house was clean and tidy and Tim, after a lengthy shower, was sitting by the window watching and waiting for Jack’s arrival.  His cock was already hard in the black shorts he’d purchased earlier.

          Time passed excruciatingly slowly for him as he kept looking at his watch and thinking about Jack.  He looked out again and finally he saw Jack's semi-truck coming around the corner.  They had spoken about this home coming over the phone.

           Tim ran up the stairs and jumped into bed keeping only his shorts and boots on.  He listened as the key turned in the lock.  Then he heard the creaking of the door opening and closing.

           "Tim, I’m home!’  Jack announced.

          He heard Jack’s voice booming out calling for him.  His erection jerked in his tight shorts in eagerness.

          ‘Tim…Tim where are you?’ his trucker called.

          As soon as he heard his heavy boots on the stairs his dick jumped, and he pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes.

          Jack, who had also been looking forward to this day himself, climbed up the stairs slowly on purpose.  His erection was already crying out to be set free from his jeans.  In fact he’d fallen asleep the night before with a hard on and it had remained semi-hard all day.  He’d even found it hard not to pull his truck off the highway for a quick release along the way.

          He ascended the stairs on a mission and knew his goal was laying in wait for him.

          ‘Tim are you there?’  he shouted.  He thought that Tim would be in the same state of arousal as him.

          He put his hand on the bedroom door and pushed it open...

          Jack marched over towards the bed and pulled back the covers.  Tim was lying there with his legs spread wide open, with only his boots and black shorts.  The shorts really showed off his athletic backside and it looked as if his dick was just about to rip the front of them wide open.  Jack almost came there and then.  Tim turned over and looked at Jack.  He could see Jack’s mighty bulge in his tight jeans.  The air was thick with electrical energy and excitement.

          'Do you like my shorts?'  Tim asked.

          ‘I’ll show you how much I like them.’  Jack stood up and quickly stripping off his boots, jeans, and uniform shirt.  He stood in front of Tim totally naked with his dick hard against his hairy stomach.

           ‘Now, I want you to get on your knees and suck this hard cock,’  Jack ordered.

          Without hesitation Tim happily got on his knees and took the base of Jack’s cock in his hand, brought his head forward and took his meaty fore skin into his mouth.  He slipped his tongue in and let it slide all around Jack’s cock head.  Tim could taste Jack’s salty pre-cum.  His hand moved up Jack’s cock and slowly pulled his fore skin all the way down revealing its head.

      He felt Jack’s big hands on the back of his head slightly pushing it forward.  He stretched his mouth open and hungrily took his length right to the back of his throat until his nose was nestled into Jack’s bushy pubes.  As he carried on sucking on his cock he used his hand, with a firm grip to slide up and down on the base of Jack’s cock while his other hand played with his hairy balls.


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